My Story

A practicing dentist, Speaker, Storyteller, and an unshakable optimist helping Doctors & professionals reach their patients by harnessing the power of social media & marketing.
Always a keen learner, a hardworking and enthusiastic student I, always aspired to be a doctor.
It was one of my visits to the dentist during childhood that first sparked that desire.

Leaving a medical seat, and instead pursuing dentistry, had taken many by surprise at that time! Well, that was 1998....when Dentistry wasn't as glamorous as it is today.

"You want to put your hands in other people's mouths, all your life?" One had remarked!

Passing out from the most premium institution in the country, Nair hospital Dental college gave me that edge. Being excellent in my academics, I was a gold medalist and a University topper.
Always hungry to learn more, I was preparing for my MDS( Masters in Dental Surgery), but destiny had other plans. I became an MDS - Married Dental Surgeon instead :) Well that was 2005.

Meeting Dr. Shoeb, through a common friend, on the pretext of borrowing a book and then a mammoth task of convincing my mother( she had already plans of sending me abroad), made our story , nothing short of a Bollywood flick!!

We named our clinic 'ANSH DENTAL' in 2007.
The name ANSH is derived from the initials of our name ANisa & SHoeb, and it means ‘PART’.
What started with a small humble single-chair clinic on lease in a small corner, has now, by the grace of God and the blessings of patients, transformed into our own flourishing three-chair practice in the heart of the western suburbs.
But as all great things take time and effort, it has been a rollercoaster on this journey of entrepreneurship.

Coming from a small town, with absolutely nothing but only a burning desire to make it, Dr. Shoeb had to build everything from the ground.
"The bank didn't want to give a loan to us, as we had no income to show!"
That was 2007.

Fast forward 10 years.. Everything is in abundance, with 2 beautiful kids & a flourishing practice. Couldn't have asked for more! Feel truly blessed.

Somewhere in these years, I learned a bit of graphic design and developed a keen interest in marketing.
Looking at billboards & banners while driving & dining became a hobby.
But when you truly want something, the whole universe conspires to get it for you.
And so in 2017/18, finally, I pursued my Master's in Dental Business & that reignited my interest in “Marketing & Social Media.”

Being born in the 80s, I was witnessing a huge cultural shift, with conversations moving from offline to online.
I started seeing the potential of social media being the “NEW WORD OF MOUTH” for doctors.

It was literally the “ The Word of MOUSE! “ In fact the loop inside the S in the logo signifies the mouse :)

I developed a keen interest in Marketing & Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.
I ended up doing several courses, workshops and programs on Marketing & Social Media &  started applying all my knowledge & even teaching fellow Doctors.

I started helping fellow dentists and colleagues with tips and strategies on handling their social media.
My Strategies & Campaigns were working.I was very excited to keep learning and sharing.
I have been really fortunate to learn from Mentors like Seth Godin, Russel Branson, Chris Barrow, Anissa Holmes, Siddharth Rajshekar to name a few.

I  won several awards and was a guest speaker in many Dental shows including the World Dental Show and the Famdent Show. 

The most special one has been the felicitation as “Covid Hero” by the Muncipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai for raising funds for Covid patients through my Fundraiser Programs.

The best part was that I no longer felt the need to give my digital marketing & social media marketing to an outside agency that had no idea about my patients, their needs, their pain points etc.
I had created a custom strategy, plan, and scheduled content that actually resonated and converted my patients into raving fans. I created a system and taught my team to execute it and keep them accountable.
This saved me thousands of rupees every month in marketing ( to those outside agencies).
The best part was that I enjoyed every bit of it!

I  had started conducting several online and offline workshops for doctors & dentists and got an overwhelming response.

Currently I have my coaching, Consulting and Done for You services for DOCTORS and Dentists and I help them build a strong online presence.

Clinically I love doing Pediatric Dentistry and have been awarded twice for my work.
Currently I divide my time doing 3 days Clinical work and 3 days Coaching, Consulting , Training & offering my services to other dentists and colleagues.

I am thoroughly enjoying my journey so far...

 I would like to conclude by the following words...
“ You must go on adventures,
To find out where...
You truly belong...”


Contacting us

Anisha Ali Patel (AnisaYourSocialDentist)

Ansh Dental Clinic,

Mumbai - 400102

+91 9892758662

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